The Logo explained

The purpose of a logo is to explain graphically the essential ethos or purpose of a project so a viewer can understand at first glance roughly what the project is about. As such, it ought to be largely self-explanatory. A logo needing explanation could be viewed strictly as having failed.

However, Diverse Diversity exists to overcome the shortcomings of Narrow Diversity and its more extreme expression Wokeism, to show how society could be truly diverse and to encourage society to move in such a direction. As such, although profound in its effect, the expression of its values is subtle compared with its more widely known rival, and therefore our logo contains subtle messages which might not be appreciated from a casual view. Therefore, a detailed explanation is in order for the avoidance of doubt.

It is probably obvious the breaking chain forming the letter ‘C’ symbolises gaining freedom from controlling forces and the spectral colours represent diversity. These are clichés in graphical design. However, it might not be so clear that the continuity of colours represents the continuous unity of humanity as opposed to the distinct categories of Pseudo Liberal approaches which divide people into competing groups. Diverse Diversity is about cultural peace, not “Culture Wars”. Sometimes it is necessary to take a firm stand for peace when it is under attack, but nonetheless peace is the nature of this campaign.

The other characteristic of the colours is the restriction to spectral colours. These are those observable in a true spectrum and symbolise reality or truth. Non-spectral colours (the purples) are absent because these are created by the human brain to represent mixtures of very long and very short rather than single wavelengths of light. (Violet is also omitted for clarity owing to the limitations of display screens and printing processes.) Non-spectral colours are thus analogous to imagination or unproven wishes. Diverse Diversity affirms truth as a basis for action, not wishful thinking.

The same symbolism is used on our Welcome Sign for display at venues seeking to emphasise the universal nature of their welcome.