About the Diverse Diversity Campaign

Please note until a Constitution is adopted the below is proposed and aspirational, the Campaign is run by its Founding Acting Director and its sole activity will be to recruit sufficient prospective Full Members to adopt the Constitution.

What is the purpose of the campaign?
The purpose of the campaign is defined in its objects as:
  1. to uphold the Principles and maintain the Glossary,

  2. to encourage the study of Diverse Diversity to maximise both the understanding and the diversity of Diverse Diversity,

  3. to promote the public recognition and practice of Diverse Diversity in accordance with the Principles by all lawful and non-Repressive means,

  4. to campaign for and advise on legislation where it judges such to be necessary to achieve or promote Diverse Diversity, including the amendment or repeal of legislation antithetical to the Principles, and

  5. to oppose Repression of Diverse Diversity by Narrow Diversitist Pseudo-Liberals.

Who runs the campaign?
The campaign is run by its Full Members, who elect the Management Committee to oversea its activities.
So who are these Full members?
They are individuals over the age of 18 who support the objects and agree with the Principles who have applied to become and been accepted as Full Members. Anyone who meets these simple criteria can become a Full member.
Can anyone join?
Almost. There are classes of membership for both individuals and groups. Individuals can join as either Associate or Full Members depending on how they want to be involved. The Campaign management reserves the right to decline membership in the rare case it believes that is necessary to preserve the integrity of the Campaign.