About the Diverse Diversity Campaign

The Campaign arises from concern about the manner in which a small but vocal element of society has persuaded journalists, politicians, and academics to abandon long-held liberal values such as freedom of conscience and association in favour of dividing society into identity-based groups and accepting that anyone who disagrees with this process is not a fit and proper person to participate in public life.

Although presented as a way to promote diversity, the effect is often the very opposite, as anyone who disagrees with the particular causes espoused by these Pseudo-Liberal activists is likely to suffer intense persecution and the potential loss of employment or active citizenship.

The Diverse Diversity Campaign seeks a better way to handle disagreement to promote a genuinely diverse society in which all are free to contribute and none need fear consequences for being or expressing who they are.

The purpose of the campaign is defined in its objects as:

  1. to uphold the Principles and maintain the Glossary,

  2. to encourage the study of Diverse Diversity to maximise both the understanding and the diversity of Diverse Diversity,

  3. to promote the public recognition and practice of Diverse Diversity in accordance with the Principles by all lawful and non-Repressive means,

  4. to campaign for and advise on legislation where it judges such to be necessary to achieve or promote Diverse Diversity, including the amendment or repeal of legislation antithetical to the Principles, and

  5. to oppose Repression of Diverse Diversity by Narrow Diversitist Pseudo-Liberals.