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18th April 2024

What, no Cass?

It might seem remarkable I have made no comment here on the Cass review into transgender services for children, especially as many fellow travellers among those who oppose blind ideology and propaganda have seized upon it so eagerly.

The fact is, it’s not a short read. The review is several hundred pages long, going into great detail, and when I do comment on it I want to do it justice. It would be too easy to grab a couple of points in support of my arguments, but that would be to do both Dr Cass and the public a disservice. From what I can tell from what I’ve read so far she does not think all the politicking surrounding the issue helps anyone other than those whose egos are boosted by thinking they sound important.

That is something with which I agree. Politics is about broad policies and facilitation. It should not be used to limit or constrain legitimate options. It should certainly not be used to prescribe generalised remedies for individual problems. Turning dilemmas into questions of rights (note the plural) rather than right in the particular case hides the complexities involved for the individuals concerned. Those complexities need careful analysis in a neutral environment, to which clarion calls and public demands are often opposed.

I am in the process of reading and reflecting on Dr Cass’s work and will comment in an appropriate manner when I have an adequate understanding. Until then I will stay mute. I don’t want to be crass about Cass.