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2nd January 2023

The Problem of Presentation

As I seek to move Diverse Diversity from simply campaigning to trying to make a positive difference I have hit the problem of how to present the Campaign to the rest of the world. The problem stems from two aspects of Diverse Diversity which appeal to different potential supporters. Diverse Diversity is both a better, non-divisive, non destructive approach to the problem of unfair discrimination in a diverse world which avoids the limitations of other approaches and therefore should be of interest to those working in the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion field, and an alternative to Wokeism and its attempts to frame Social Justice in terms which censor, censure, and control any who oppose its narrow orthodoxy, which should appeal to those worried about freedom and democracy.

However, because it is a reconciling approach which could achieve Social Justice without division, Culture Wars, or impacts on cherished freedoms, it is also a reconciling force to two constituencies so opposed they consider the other irreconcilable. This seems to make both sides suspicious to the point where they do not engage. It is as if one group has decided mouse traps are so bad the world would be better without them at all, and the other is so convinced the current version is the best possible they cannot conceive a better one could be made. Neither wants a better mouse trap, even if I beat a path to their doors.

It is easy to despair but, of course, that would be too easy. Somehow I must bridge this divide. I need to find a way to present Diverse Diversity to each of these constituencies as a better approach which would make the current controversy redundant. That will not convince the hard-line die-hards who are less interested in solving problems than creating them. I am sure some Wokeists and some anti-wokeists are using their causes as vehicles to destabilise society with the intention of making political capital, but a better approach will expose them before the more moderate rational thinkers who, at least I hope, make up the vast majority of the population, and want to find answers rather than problems.

The problem, then, is to present Diverse Diversity as an alternative to both those seeking to promote diversity and inclusion and as a solution to those worried by Wokeism without frightening each side by those aspects which would appeal to the other. There must be a way to do that. There must!

Happy New Year to all.