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27th September 2023

Director signs Don’t Divide Us’ Educate not Indoctrinate petition

Diverse Diversity Director Ken Petrie has signed the Educate not Indoctrinate petition administered by the anti-racism group Don’t Divide Us. He has also written to the organisation pointing out the similarity of its mission to our own.

In his letter he noted,

“As I think you will see, if you read around my website, we’re pretty much on the same page.”


“I would like to see to what extent we could support each other, as the need to get this country out of the ‘Culture wars’ and into a more unified approach to society is becoming increasingly urgent as more and more young people are being misled.”

The letter asked permission to link DDU on DDC’s website and ended by expressing a hope the two campaigns might be able to discuss future co-operation for mutual support.