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8th November 2022

New articles

Two new articles by the Director, K.J. Petrie, have been added recently to the Articles area of the DDC website.

The first of these is a review of Joanna Williams’ book How Woke Won in which Mr Petrie critically appraises the aim and achievement of the book before reflecting on its implications for Diverse Diversity in future engagement with society. The second, Moving toward a Way Forward, builds on that by looking at one aspect of Wokeism and considering how we can begin to build an approach to finding a constructive way to wean society onto a more balanced approach to truth and understanding. In this he argues for highlighting the complexity of humanitarian issues and showing how a plurality of opinions should be welcomed. He said of the latter,

“These are tentative initial steps. Wokeism is so entrenched in the thought of many otherwise educated people that they simply fail to recognise one view of complex social issues can never be the whole truth. So powerful are the Wokeist activists and organisations in claiming to be the only moral position that most people wishing to be seen as reasonable simply don’t think to question their assertions for fear of becoming intolerant, when it is actually Wokeism which is intolerant. True tolerance welcomes plurality and then assesses opinions to reach its own view.

“Persuading people to be more open will need to be undertaken with great sensitivity given the high emotional temperatures Wokeism and some of its most vociferous opponents have generated.

Both articles can be accessed from the Articles link on the home page.