...and Safe for Truth


28th July 2022

Diverse Diversity Welcome Signs launched

One of the new Welcome signsThe Diverse Diversity Campaign has launched its first Welcome signs for organisations to use publicly to declare their position on welcoming all people to join in their activities. The Campaign’s Director hopes this will fulfil a need in allowing people to practise rather than merely support the values of the DDC.

This also marks a small change in direction and emphasis following a review of the lack of traction the Campaign has so far achieved, reflected in some small revisions to pages on this website to bring a more positive emphasis on the Campaign’s values.

The current three posters are variations on a theme with the message “We welcome Diverse Diversity. We welcome all to... together.” The ellipsis gives a choice of “seek truth”, “serve truth” or “submit”. These messages are tailored to ideological organisations with a slightly different view of their mission. The first is intended to appeal mostly to those who see themselves as truth-seekers, such as universities, the media, politicians, and other public institutions. The other two are for bodies of a more conservative mindset who might be more comfortable with the idea of serving than exploring. However, it is up to everyone to consider which, if any, of these signs would best fit the welcome they wish to provide.

Campaign Director, K.J. Petrie, explained,

“The common theme here is that a welcome is never unqualified. We welcome people to what we are where we are. If we welcome them to join us we welcome them to join us where we are and to share in what we do. We’re not welcoming them to harm us or to frustrate us, but to be with us as part of our community. In a context with a message or values to share we welcome people into that context. If they don’t agree with our values they probably won’t want to stay, not because they’re unwelcome, but because what we do is not what they want to do.

“Diverse Diversity is about conscience. We do not insist people must conform to a narrow world view to be welcoming, or that people who do not conform to that viewpoint are unwelcome. Rather, we allow organisations to keep their world view and welcome people to come and find out about it. People do not have to give up their own viewpoint to be welcome, but are free to disagree. Both sides may argue for change but neither side can compel change. This is a welcome of equal, free people.

“Diverse Diversity is common sense. There’s no mystery, no clever trickery, and no compulsion. I am convinced people would reject the narrow prejudices of Wokeism if they understood there is a tolerant alternative.”

More signs are expected to be added as time goes on.