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20th June 2021

BBC correspondent backs DDC analysis

In his valedictory article on the BBC website, Once the future, US now captive to its past, outgoing BBC Correspondent Nick Bryant presents an argument supporting the Diverse Diversity Campaign opinion piece One explanation.

In his article, Mr Bryant writes about how current American politics is largely shaped by understandings of its history and how past “battlefields” now form today’s “combat zones”. He lists several examples of the American past and how the two main sides in the country’s divided politics view events and characters in their history. He refers to the divisive identities created and nurtured by such myths and describes the fragmented society this creates.

Campaign Director Ken Petrie welcomed the article saying,

“It is good to know the hypothesis I advanced in my article after viewing a short video about an American myth surrounding the Southern identity is in harmony with the views of a seasoned observer of America close-up. While his views are clearly his own and not those of his employer, it is refreshing to see someone with intimate knowledge of a country drawing similar conclusions to my own. Of course, Mr Bryant is not a DDC supporter, so far as I know; he has probably never heard of it, but it is good to know his detailed analysis suggests wokeism does indeed originate from partisan and emotionally-invested views of American history, which now engulfs the world in what has become a totalitarian crusade for values not relevant to other societies.

I don’t know whether Mr Bryant is retiring or moving on to different work, but it is clear his thoughtful approach to what is often now presented as unquestionable will be a sad loss to the BBC and our nation. It is good to read such a reflection and unfortunate we see so little of it in the media these days. We need more of this. I wish him well.”