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14th May 2021

Director Signs Free Speech Campaign Letter

Ken Petrie, Director of the DDC has signed ADF International’s Free Speech Campaign letter to the Prime Minister calling for greater protection of speech and opinion and protection from censure of those who express unpopular views.

Mr Petrie said “Although Diverse Diversity is about much more than freedom of speech, and indeed expects that freedom to be used in a considerate and responsible way, so all are respected, lack of censure and censorship is a clear pre-requisite of tolerance which goes beyond a narrow tolerated group opposed to anyone who disagrees. As such, there is a natural alliance between defending Free Speech and the practice of Diverse Diversity.

“This is not unlimited, of course. Free Speech should not be freedom to insult, vilify, frighten or incite violence, because these are not tolerant actions which defend people’s freedoms either. However, we need clearly defined boundaries for harm which must not drift into silencing of opinion or punishing people for their views. To say one disagrees with a certain behaviour or opinion is not the same as expressing disaproval of people who behave in a certain way or hold a particular viewpoint. Issues must be distinguished from actions if the freedom of all and a truly diverse society is to exist and thrive.”