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9th July 2020

DDC adds Wokism to Glossary

The Diverse Diversity Campaign has added a new term to its Glossary. The new word, Wokism (pronounced wōḱ-ism) supplements the current descriptive term Pseudo-liberal by providing a noun for the movement which seeks to enforce Political Correctness through intimidation, or those who sympathise with attempts to do so. This provides ease and clarity in explaining the concerns addressed by the Campaign.

Campaign Director, Ken Petrie explained,

“Where Pseudo-liberal is an adjective explaining the contrast between the intolerance we face in modern political life, it is necessarily a technical term whose meaning is clearest to those who already understand the definitions of political terms. It might be less obvious to the ordinary citizen what we actually mean by it. Wokism, on the other hand, is much more accessible because it provides a succinct noun for the pseudo-liberal movement which can clearly identify the behaviour and beliefs intended and the fact it is a totalitarian ideology and not just an abstract political label. It enables people to understand clearly the forces which threaten our democracy and the true diversity on which freedom depends.

“Whereas Pseudo-liberal is a simple description, Wokism reflects the Wokists’ own description of themselves as ‘woke’ and therefore is a clearer identifier for the ordinary person of the system being addressed.”