...and Safe for Truth


5th January 2020

New Year, New Structure

The Diverse Diversity Campaign has begun 2020 by adopting a new basis for its operation as a campaign seeking to advocate its message of political tolerance and genuinely inclusive diversity.

The previous plan had been to create an organisation with a wide membership. However, in recent months, its Director, Ken Petrie, has reviewed this strategy and concluded the process of setting up such an organisation, recruiting members, adopting a constitution and developing technical processes to support such a structure would consume excessive resources and detract from the purpose of communicating a simple critique of current public life.

“You don’t need a cumbersome organisation with complex democratic structures, high costs, and slow internal processes to point out what is essentially an obvious flaw in much current policy,” he said. “You just need to get on with speaking up. I think I have been a coward, trying to deflect Pseudo-Liberal criticism from myself to a broad-based group of people, because I fear personal intimidation from those affronted by the idea there might be other ways of looking at the World. I wanted safety in numbers to protect myself from harm. However, all I have achieved by seeking that is failure to make any meaningful contribution. I’m in real danger of creating endless delay and never quite being ready to begin.

“When I was at college many years ago, our Principal told us the best model of a theologian (which was the subject we were studying) was the child in the Hans Christian Andersen story who pointed out the emperor had no clothes. I think that applies to anyone with a basic but profound insight. All we need to burst a bubble of misinformation is a simple sharp point.”

From today the Diverse Diversity Campaign operates as a focus for championing the study of Diverse Diversity and challenging the suggestion diversity can be a monoculture tolerating no dissent. Such a simple message needs no complex support.