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12th October 2018

Supreme Court judgement favourable to Diverse Diversity

The Supreme Court judgement in the Asher’s Bakery case serves to support the cause of Diverse Diversity, by opposing Pseudo-liberal attempts to confuse holding an opinion with oppressing those who disagree.

As a result it is, for now, clear that those who try to use disagreement as a basis for censoring others will not necessarily enjoy the support of the Law, and this has forced the DDC to revise our home page to reflect the factual change.

Previously, the sixth point in our Why does it Matter? section read “Printers and similar businesses are being forced to produce propaganda for causes with which they might profoundly disagree.” This appeared correct until 10th October 2018 because that was what the Appeal Court had effectively achieved, but this was overturned in the Supreme Court, constituting a defeat, at least temporarily, for the pseudo-liberal position.

Ken Petrie, Founding Acting Director of the DDC saw this as a victory for Diverse diversity, although it should be confirmed the DDC was not a party to the case. “The possibility remains that pseudo-liberals will continue to push to control what printers and similar trades can produce, but for now it should be clear they can’t do that. The problem is that they will continue to campaign until they get the law changed in their favour now that it’s clear the current law does not allow them to censor consciences in this way, so we and the rest of society must remain vigilant to preserve the freedoms we all still, just about, have.”

We have amended the sixth point to reflect the hypothetical danger rather than state a claim which is no longer true.