...and Safe for Truth


16th March 2018

New Sub-slogan

Today the Diverse Diversity Campaign adopted a new sub-slogan for its home page masthead. Until today the sub-slogan had been because we’re all different, but it has now been replaced with resisting politics of hatred.

The Campaign’s Founding Acting Director, K.J. Petrie explains,

“That’s because we need to be clear that we don't stand for hatred, as we might be parodied as doing by those who seek to undermine us, but against it. We are for freedom, free conscience, free speech and liberty for all. We are against hatred in all its forms, including by those who seek to use it to take the moral high ground while marginalising everyone else. We are for genuine liberalism, not the pseudo-liberalism which seeks to prevent open, honest debate or control people through fear. That is the true politics of hatred: those who seek to divide, categorise and silence all who disagree with them. We do not want that kind of society. We want one where no one need be afraid, whoever they are, and no one should come to harm, whether they can be put in a labelled arbitrary group or not.

“In that sense we are a resistance movement, albeit not a violent one, seeking to appeal to all who want to resist social control by those who hate freedom and seek to constrain, and we invite all fair-minded people to join us.”

Update: Since this was written the sub-slogan has been further refined to resist the politics of hatred.